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Text ultimakerbowdenclip. Feeeder think that the problem could be that PVA dries in the position given by the MS so curved and then when loads the internal tension causes the break.

The​​Bondtech​​DDG​​Ultimaker​​V,​​which​​was​​developed​​by​​Bondtech​​and. View online (59 pages) or download PDF (6 MB) Ultimaker 3 Extended Original manual • 3 Extended Print & Scan PDF manual download and more Ultimaker online. For the Ultimaker 3, we recommend our free Cura software to prepare your 3D print files. Cura quickly and accurately converts 3D models into 3D print files.


Ultimaker 3 feeder disassembly free download.Hi, how can we help?


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The feeders forward filament to the print head. To make sure that exactly the right amount of material is extruded, it is important that the feeder gears can turn smoothly. After many hours of printing, or when material has been ground down, there is a chance that there are small filament particles in the feeders. In addition to blowing out the particles once a month, it is recommended to also clean the inside of the feeders after one year of printing.

In order to do this, the feeders have to be removed from the printer. I agree, continue browsing Refuse. After this, turn off the printer Remove the clamp clip from the feeder-end of the Bowden tube, press down on the tube coupling collet and pull the Bowden tube upwards out of the feeder Reduce the tension of the feeder by turning the bolt in the top of the feeder, until the indicator is at the highest mark Use the hex screwdriver to loosen the two bolts that hold the feeder to the back panel and slide the feeder backward away from the printer Open the feeder by removing the four bolts that hold the housing parts together.

Place the two halves in front of you, making sure that all parts are in the back section of the feeder Use a clean cloth or a cotton swab to wipe all filament particles from the feeder parts. Use a paintbrush or an old toothbrush to clean the knurled wheel.

Also clean the small gear attached to the feeder motor Apply a small amount of Magnalube to the gear attached to the feeder motor. There is no need to spread this out; the feeder will do this automatically when it turns Reassemble the feeder by placing the front section over the back section, making sure that all parts are still in place. Insert the four bolts and tighten them in a cross pattern, starting in the top-left corner Place the feeder back on the printer Insert the Bowden tube into the feeder by pressing down on the tube coupling collet in the feeder and pushing the Bowden tube all the way in.

Secure the tube with the clamp clip Reset the tension of the feeder by turning the bolt in the top of the feeder, until the indicator is at the middle mark. Comments 0 comments. Articles in this section Update the Ultimaker 3 firmware Ultimaker 3 firmware release notes Replace the build plate clamps of the Ultimaker 3 Replace the radial fans of the Ultimaker 3 Replace the axial fan of the Ultimaker 3 Replace the tube coupling collet of the Ultimaker 3 Replace the clamp clip of the Ultimaker 3 Replace the Bowden tubes on the Ultimaker 3 Clean the feeders on the Ultimaker 3 Lubricate the lead screw of the Z motor on the Ultimaker 3 See more.