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Use CORS to Access Apex REST Classes. View Skeleton Code for Global Apex Classes in Installed Managed Get a Map of Populated SObject Fields. I need to tap Install to give my consent:.

Notice my email profile is already configured! I’m going to tap Add Account:. I’m curious though, what are the other policies my company is applying to my device? Let’s launch settings and take a look. Clicking on General and then Management Profiles I can see the various certificates being applied:. If I go back and tap Apps I can see the required apps my company is pushing and requiring me to install:. If I go back and tap Restrictions I can see the restrictions of what my company will not allow me to perform on my iPad.

It looks like they block iCloud from backing up, blocking the camera, and requiring a passcode:. Conclusion: As you can see the end user experience is straight forward and easy to enroll the device into Intune MDM. Pretty cool! Providing a work environment where users can bring their own personal device and use it for their day jobs can be very empowering for employees.

However, this presents a challenge for IT — when an employee is terminated how do you remove only the company’s data and not wipe the entire device to it’s factory defaults so the employee still has access to their personal apps and data? Well, Microsoft Intune and EMS to the rescue!

When a mobile device is enrolled in Microsoft Intune and the entire device is managed MDM , it’s possible to remove only the company’s data while leaving everything else intact.

Let’s take a look at how to do this:. Note: Refer to the technical documentation for more information on Intune, MDM and removing company data. Using the Microsoft Intune portal in Azure, I’m going to navigate to Devices and then All Devices.

I will now be prompted to confirm I’d like to remove company data. I’ll click Yes to submit the request:. On the employee’s device, where they once had Outlook installed — it’s now deleted. Only the Company Portal app remains:. Launching the company portal app I am presented with a message indicating the device is no longer managed by my IT admin and my email and access has been removed:. Back in the Intune console, notice that employee’s entry is now missing.

Their device have been removed completely:. Hang on, what if the employee isn’t terminated but doesn’t want their device to be managed anymore?

That’s a great question and a neat self service capability the employee has! From within the Intune application on their device, tap the button that has the name of their device. In my case Megan’s iPad:. Going back to my home screen, all corporate apps have been removed with the exception of Company Portal which I can remove on my own.

If I wish to regain access to corporate apps and data, I can simply re-enroll through the company portal app. Conclusion: As you can see this is a quick way to remove just company data from a user’s device and preserve their own personal data.

現代の財務を担うリーダーは、すべての重要情報を 1 か所に集約して包括的に把握し、自社のビジネスの動向を監視する必要があります。データに基づいて的確な意思決定を行うには、さまざまなソースからデータを収集し、パーソナライズされたダッシュボード、ワークスペース、レポートを通じて即座にそのデータを活用できなくてはなりません。. Microsoft Dynamics for Finance and Operations を、Microsoft Power BI、Azure Machine Learning、Cortana Analytics などのビジネス インテリジェンス ツールと組み合わせると、ビジネス上のより深い洞察が得られると共に、ビジネス ニーズの予測が可能になり、財務担当者が会計の監査だけでなく総合的な管理を担えるようになります。. Recently worked on multiple occurrence of an issue with SRS V2. Where SRS joins a meeting for few seconds usually seconds and then abruptly disconnects.

Generally it keeps on happening until device is rebooted but this is not seen to be done in all instances. Some times meeting join works with a reattempt. If you are facing this issue would suggest to take logs from a Device.

To take logs you may need to run Powershell Scripts as defined in below link. And in UCC API logs of SRS, file name usually would be like SkypeRoom-Lync Filter out session for failed attempt and if you see that BYE message is sent out by SRS with in few seconds after receiving 2ooOK.

It may be related to same issue where SRS application is actually becoming victim instead of causing issue. I observed form additional logs analysis that apparently it seems like SRS is failing while getting hold of network interface. And thus disconnects the call due to internal client error. If you are observing same issue i would suggest to update OS on SRS surface device. In multiple cases where similar issue is observed updating Windows on Surface which in my case installed following KBs.

Helped and resolved the issue. You may need to open a ticket with Microsoft if even after updating OS you still face this issue. Maintaining governance over where company data is stored and how it is used, is a core priority for many IT professionals. Giving users a choice of what device they want to use and how they want to use it to execute their job can be empowering — but we must protect the data that lives on those devices. If that data were to be compromised leaked, lost,stolen,etc that could be devastating to an organization and place individual employees at risk.

A classic example is when an employee has a smartphone and would like to receive their company email on it. If they go to configure the built-in mail app with their email, how can you require the device to be enrolled into an MDM to be protected and require they use an approved email app? Well, Microsoft Intune and Azure Active Directory Conditional Access to the rescue!

In this blog, you and I will take a journey on how to setup and configure this exact scenario and then test it to see what the end-user experience will look like. Note: I’m not going to cover Microsoft Intune or Azure AD Conditional Access in full technical detail. Please refer to the product documentation links above for more information. Let’s start with understanding Conditional Access. At a high level, this allows me IT to provide you the end user with access to corporate resources based on a set of conditions and if you meet those conditions I’ll let you in.

If you don’t meet those conditions, or perhaps meet only one or two, I will have additional steps for you to take before I unlock the front door and invite you in for dinner. For example, if you are coming from a device that is un-managed and using an un-approved application , then allow access but require you to enroll the device in MDM i. managed and download the approved application for accessing email.

Here’s a good graphical representation on how to think about this, at a high level as you can see, this can be very powerful! Now that we have an understanding of Conditional Access, let’s configure it for this scenario. I’m going to create a new Conditional Access policy in Azure Active Directory from within the Azure portal:. For Grant I will choose grant access and check the box for require device to be marked as compliant and require approved client app.

I’ll also check the radio button so that all controls are required. For more information about what are approved client apps see this article. I now need to configure the device compliance for Intune. I’m going to navigate to Device Compliance in the Intune blade:.

IMPORTANT: If there’s other platforms you need to accommodate, you’ll need to create a new policy for each platform type i. Windows, Mac, Android, etc. What do we have here? Looks like Conditional Access kicked in! My device is not managed! But it does give me an option to Enroll! IMPORTANT: To see the enrollment process, reference my other blog article Intune: MDM Enrollment Experience complete device management. Once the device is enrolled, with my policy it is also pulling down the Outlook app well, the user is prompted to install it.

When I launch the Outlook app…. NOTE: This does not require any configuration for the email profile to be automatically displayed. Now what if I go back to the native mail app and try to use it? Well following the same process above where I type in my credentials and try to sign in again to the native mail app — Conditional Access will catch me red handed, and block me from using it:.

Conclusion: As you can see, this is a very powerful feature and introduces automation into your device security strategy. With the growing trend of employees bringing their own smartphones and tablets to work to access company email and other corporate data, this presents a challenge for IT to ensure that data is well protected. With Microsoft Intune, you can enroll the device into Mobile Device Management MDM to manage the complete device — but that might be too much overhead or too much complexity for your organization and it’s business needs.

Well, Microsoft Intune also has Mobile Application Management MAM capabilities, that enable you to manage just the app and the corporate data inside it, while leaving the rest of the device untouched. This is known as “sandboxing” and provides a great experience for not only the end-user but for IT as well. In this blog we’ll explore how this works. Note : I will not be discussing Intune MAM in-depth. Please refer to the technical documentation for more information.

From my personal iOS device, I wish to access my company email on it. To do this my company has instructed me to use the Outlook app as it’s the approved app.

So I’ll download that from the App Store:. Next, my company’s sign-in page will be displayed and I will type in my password to finish the sign in process:. Upon signing in I will be prompted that my organization is now protecting it’s data in this app and that I need to restart the app to continue. When the app restarts, it looks like my company requires a passcode each time I open the app — so I’ll create a new passcode now:.

If I wish to download an attachment and maybe save it locally, it looks like my company prevents me from doing that.

Here I’ll bring up the message for you to see:. Upon opening the attachment and tapping the share icon, there’s no options to download or open with another app. My company wants it’s data to stay within the Outlook app:. Another example of how the app is locked down, is it looks like I cannot copy and paste data out of the app and into another app.

Here I’ll try to copy data out of a sensitive email:. And then attempt to paste it into the Notes app. Notice the text that is pasted says “Your organization’s data cannot be pasted here”:. Now if I leave the company or get terminated, they can remotely remove any company data from the Outlook app. Here’s an example, I went to launch the Outlook app and was presented with this error:. When I tap OK and relaunch Outlook, it looks like I have to sign in again and have no access to my mailbox:.

Now let’s step behind the scenes and into Intune to understand how to configure this capability, starting with configuring Intune Mobile Application Management. I’m going to start by launching Intune Application Management in the Azure portal, and then select App Policy:. I’m going to click on the policy I created, then click Policy Settings.

Here you can see the configuration I specified. I’m preventing iTunes and iCloud from backing up data in the app. Preventing Save As. Requiring a Passcode,etc.

To remove just the company data from the app, I’m going to navigate to Wipe Requests and submit a new wipe request.

Note: If I had a personal email account in the Outlook app and my company email was also in the app, this wipe will ONLY remove the company email data. My personal email data will remain untouched.

Conclusion: It’s fairly easy to setup MAM for your end-users. I encourage you to test this and see how it can enable new business outcomes for your organization. de:code は、開発者をはじめとする、ITに携わる全てのエンジニアの皆様のために年に一度開催する有料のイベントです。米国マイクロソフトが 年に開催予定の Microsoft Build で発表される最新情報を基に、マイクロソフト テクノロジのビジョンと方向性、及び 今後注目すべきテクノロジとイノベーションに関する情報を提供し、お客様とパートナー様の今後のビジネス展開とエンジニアの皆様のスキル向上に貢献することを目的にしています。. ご興味がございましたら、 de:code スポンサー事務局 までお問い合わせください。. de:code スポンサー事務局 までご連絡ください。.

本記事は 年 11 月 2 日に Xbox Wire に掲載された 記事 の抄訳です。. ゲームに登場する魅力的なストーリーの多くは製作に携わった人々の手によるものです。インサイド「Xbox One X Enhanced」シリーズでは、クリエーター達が『Xbox One X』に向けて強化された名作の舞台裏を明かします。どのようにして Xbox 史上最もパワフルなゲーム機の製作を支えたのか、それは今後の作品へと繋がります。今日は白熱のリアルタイム ストラテジー ゲーム『Halo Wars 2』のシニアプロデューサーである、 Industries のグレッグ・ストーン Greg Stone 氏にお話を伺います。.

それらの強化された機能はゲームにどのような影響を与えましたか? リアルタイム ストラテジー ゲームにおいて 4K 解像度への対応は、グラフィックの向上が見られるだけではなく戦略上も重要です。なぜなら、プレイヤーは常に画面を見ながらユニットごとに戦略を立て、操作をしなければならないからです。4K 解像度のプレイでは、鮮明なグラフィックにより攻撃の兆候を察知し、一目して攻勢を見分けられるようになり、対抗戦略を立てるための情報をより多く得られます。.

また、4K テレビをお持ちでなくても Xbox One X なら快適にプレイができます。ロード時間が早くなり、p 解像度 TV でのプレイでも、スーパーサンプリング機能によるアンチエイリアシングの恩恵が受けられます。. 開発チームがそれらの強化領域に注力したのはなぜですか? パフォーマンスの良し悪しはリアルタイム ストラテジー ゲームにおいてプレイを左右する鍵となります。『Halo Wars 2』では、歩兵ユニット、車両ユニット、航空ユニット、リーダーパワー等それぞれ独自のユニークなアニメーションとサウンドを持つ大規模な軍隊を伴う、最大6人のマルチプレイに対応しています。Xbox One X では、すべてのアクションをしっかりと 4K に対応させたいと考えました。この、グラフィックの忠実度を向上させる 4K と HDR の組み合わせは、本当に『Halo Wars 2』の世界へ没頭する為に役立ちます。ロード時間の短縮は、より迅速に行動できるということです。. アップデートされた『Halo Wars 2』を Xbox One X で見たりプレイしたファンからどのような反響を期待していますか? ファンの皆さんにも私達と同じように Xbox One X の『Halo Wars 2』をお楽しみいただけることを願っています。『Halo Wars 2』には映像表現が詰まっていますが、Xbox One X ファンの皆さんにはきっと、ローカストのレーザー砲、スコーピオン戦車の砲撃の煙、破壊王ヤップヤップのメタンガスなどの緻密なディテールに気が付いてもらえると思います。.

Xbox One X 上でこの拡張を実現させることはどうでしたか? Xbox One X 開発キットでの仕事は本当に楽しいものでした。Xbox チームは開発者の意見に耳を傾け、世界最高の開発環境を築き上げています。. 増量された RAM により、最適化された開発環境でなくてもゲームをテストすることができました。この機能により、開発キットを受け取ったその日に Xbox One X でゲームを起動して実行できました。. Xbox One X 開発キットの Xbox One および Xbox One S 開発環境をシミュレートする機能により、すべての Xbox 開発キットを起動する必要がなくなり、テストにかかる時間も短縮されました。. Xbox One X に向けた『Halo Wars 2』のアップデートでもっともワクワクする強化機能は何ですか? 開発チームは Xbox One X の高い性能を使い『Halo Wars 2』を 4K に対応させることを熱望していました。『Halo Wars 2』は数百のユニットとエフェクトを大規模戦闘中に同時に見せるグラフィカルなゲームですから。4K と HDR で見る多数の軍隊とユニットの砲撃エフェクトは本当に感動的なので、ファンの皆さんにも是非体験してほしいです。.

今後のゲーム作品や、スタジオでの開発にとって、4K と HDR はどのような意味がありますか? 4K と HDR は、我々のゲームの映像を忠実に再現するための素晴らしい技術です。 この新技術に対応したシステムを使って、細部に至るまで我々のイメージを高めるだけでなく、ゲーム機のパワーを最大限に引き出すための取り組みを続け、よりリアルでファンタスティックなオブジェクトを作り、画素と色素を使ってプレイヤーをゲームの世界に引き込み、さらなる没入感を作り上げ、最良の Xbox ゲームの開発を続けていきます。そしてもちろん、Xbox One X に組み込まれた Dolby Atmos は、没入感と音響によるゲーム情報を深める為の、サラウンド オーディオを最大限に活かしたゲーム制作を可能にします。.

Welcome to the February 25 — March 3, edition of the Office Weekly Digest. The Office Roadmap has four new additions, including a couple of updates for Groups in Outlook, new Office Message Encryption capabilities and an update to the automatic language translation feature in Message Center.

There are no new events for this week’s digest, and most of the online customer immersion experience sessions have now reached capacity. A few of those have open seats, so be sure to register as soon as possible if you’re interested. By far, the biggest announcement last week was the upcoming ability to add anyone with a business or consumer email account as a guest in Microsoft Teams. Noteworthy items from last week include posts summarizing the February Office updates for various platforms and a post from the Azure Active Directory product team confirming that a recent SAML vulnerability is not present in Azure Active Directory or Active Directory Federation Services AD FS.

OFFICE ROADMAP. Below are the items added to the Office Roadmap last week:. Feature ID. Estimated Release. Q3 CY In development. March CY UPCOMING EVENTS. Azure Active Directory Webinars for March. When: Multiple sessions currently scheduled from March 6 – 15, Are you looking to deploy Azure Active Directory quickly and easily?

We are offering free webinars on key Azure Active Directory deployment topics to help you get up and running. Sessions include Getting Ready for Azure AD, Securing Your Identities with Multi-Factor Authentication MFA , Azure AD Identity Protection and Privileged Identity Management, Managing Your Enterprise Applications with Azure AD and more.

チーム内で行われた “IM” については、Microsoft Teams のデーターセンタ側で保存されます。 保持した場合には、Office グループのメールボックス上でユーザーがアクセスできないフォルダーにも保持されます。. この場合も、グループと同様に eDiscovery のタスクを作り、以下のような検索条件で確認が可能です。. 上記の検索結果では、online10 が Dessert. jpg のファイルにアクセスを行った事が分かります。. 上記の通り、OneDrive のパスのシェアも online08 のものとなり、Microsoft Teams チャットファイルのフォルダー内にあるコンテンツである事から Teams のファイルである事がわかります。.

Microsoft Teams ではサインインを行う際、OAuth の認証を実施する際、複数の URL にアクセスを行います。 アクセスを行うサイトを信頼済みサイトに登録を行っている場合、そのサイトに対して保護モードが無効となります。. 登録方法は以下となります。 1. Internet Explorer を開き、ツールメニューからインターネットオプションを開きます。 2. TeamsとSharepointは密接に関係しており、TeamsのアクティビティはSharepointに反映されます。 ところで、 Sharepoint の設定で「デバイスアクセス」というものがあります。 ここで自社のネットワークの IP アドレスを入力すると、それ以外のIPからのアクセスをはじくことができます。.

ところが、この設定を行うと Teams の一部機能(Wikiとファイル共有)が利用できなくなります。 これはTeamsのサーバーからのリクエストをSharepointが拒否しているためです。. Office URL 及び IP 範囲. Switch Editions? Channel: TechNet Blogs. Mark channel Not-Safe-For-Work? cancel confirm NSFW Votes: 0 votes. Are you the publisher? Claim or contact us about this channel. Viewing all articles. First Page Page Page Page Page Page Last Page.

Browse latest View live. The following pre-requisites must be in place for Autopilot to work: A device, pre-installed with Windows 10 Creators Update release and with Internet access Sufficient rights to the Azure portal Intune account, or another MDM solution, to manage devices Sufficient rights on the Windows Store for Business An Azure AD premium P1 or P2 subscription You can try Autopilot right now.

Gather data for Autopilot You’ll need to gather some information from your device. txt” The resultant information needs to be stored in a. Configuring Autopilot in the Windows Store for Business With data collected and ready to upload, go to the Windows Store for Business portal and log in. Then click Manage Devices Click the AutoPilot deployment drop down and choose Create New Profile At present the following choices are available to the Windows 10 Creators Update: Skipping Work or Home usage selection Automatically enabled Skipping OEM registration, OneDrive and Cortana Automatically enabled Skipping privacy settings Preventing the account used to set-up the device from getting local administrator permissions Enable Skip Privacy Settings and Disable local admin account creation on the device.

Select the csv file for import. Enter a relevant name for the group of devices you are importing. Notice that the devices are being imported and you have to wait for this process to complete. Once the profile has applied, you will see it assigned against against the device. You are now in a position to fire up your Windows 10 device and let Autopilot do its work. Autopilot in action Before you fire up your Windows 10 device, make sure that you are auto enrolling your devices in Intune, or other MDM solution.

After this is done your device will inform you that things are happening After a restart, you will be presented with your work login. Further viewing Microsoft has published a couple of Autopilot videos that are worth taking a look at.

Checked the requirements, this is the reccomended way to reboot a server in a pool. Check the Upgrade Readiness State with Get-CsPoolUpgradeReadinessState. If the pool is in Ready State and the Front-End shows TRUE on the “IsReadyForUpgrade” tab, you’re ready to proceed. Stop the services on this server gracefully. To do so, use Stop-CsWindowsService —Graceful Now that the services are stopped, run Get-CsPoolFabricState. You will receive a set of warnings, but the important thing is here is that a the bottom of the output, all servers except the one where you’re working are OK and in UP Status.

Checked this, you can go on with the Reboot and wait until the services are again up and running. Repeat steps 1 – 5 with all servers in the pool if you need to reboot them all. I hope you found this information useful, and hope to see you next time around! Today’s Tip Inside you’ll learn how to: Better protect credentials, the operating system, and virtual machines VMs with just-in-time administration and shielded VMs Improve datacenter efficiency with virtualization, software-defined storage, and networking Deliver application innovation with improved security, new modernization capabilities, and cloud-native app development The Ultimate Guide to Windows Server includes an page overview and page deep-dive.

Improvement include: Indexing for quicker imports of previously imported catalogs – Catalog producers can now index their catalogs. This will allow users to import large catalogs containing few new updates more quickly. Inclusion of signing certificates within updates catalogs – Catalog producers can now include signing certificates with their updates catalogs.

This enables users to add the certificates to the trusted publishers list during import so that approval prompts will not block publish operations.

Signature Timestamp – Updates published to a WSUS server will by default have the signature time-stamped. Note, this functionality requires internet access. If you have upgraded from preview 1 this will not be automatically enabled. If the app isn’t installed in the Microsoft Intune work profile, users are blocked from their Webex site:. If the app is installed in the Microsoft Intune work profile, users can’t open the app:.

To resolve these issues, users can change the App Protection Policies in the Microsoft endpoint manager Administration Center. For more info, see the Microsoft website. Android devices can’t join meetings using CWMS 2. A workaround is to sign in to the application first before connecting to the meeting. Depending on your mobile network connection, you may not see the first frame of a video file when it’s shared during a meeting.

If your meeting password contains a space, it may not be correctly displayed in the app. You can still join the meeting without more problems. When a video file is being shared, there’s an issue with switching from VoIP to Audio broadcast several times.

Older DUO-Core CPU devices may experience performance issues when viewing a shared video file. Personal Room meetings joined using the Meetings desktop app don’t appear in the mobile app Recents screen. Only Personal Room meetings joined using your Android device are added to the Recents screen.

If you’re using a CDMA network such as Sprint or Verizon, network limitations prevent you from having an audio-only call and using data services at the same time. In this case, joining the audio portion of the meeting through an audio-only call means you can’t view updates to the participant list or shared presentations.

If you have access to Wi-Fi or 4G networks, you may be able to use voice and data services simultaneously. Alternatively, you can use VoIP to connect to your meeting audio. If the Connect Using Internet VoIP option doesn’t appear for you, then your device isn’t currently supported by our VoIP solution. This can happen with older devices with lower performance processors.

You can still join the audio portion of a call. VoIP has been disabled on the original Kindle Fire because the device doesn’t have a system microphone. Using the audio-only call-in number link to join a meeting from a calendar or email app doesn’t work on some phone models because the Android Phone app can’t pass the call-in number and meeting number to Webex.

You can still call in to the meeting by dialing one of the call-in numbers listed under Join by phone after you join a meeting. We recommend letting Microsoft Outlook access your iOS calendar before letting the mobile app access your iOS calendar.

Your credentials are cached to allow an easier meeting join experience. Depending on your site type, settings control how long the following credentials are cached:. From the left navigation pane, go to Support and click the link under Contact Support.

In order to cross-launch into the app from Slack or Microsoft Skype for Business, enable in-app browsing in those apps. This follows the previous behavior for sites managed by Webex site Administration. Application security is handled differently starting with iOS When you join a meeting and are asked to Open in Webex , tap Open to join. If a meeting is cancelled, the notification for it remains until the app is opened again. We recommend that you manually open your app when you arrive in a new time zone to refresh your notification list.

Check that your device’s calendar scraping is enabled, and that your device’s calendar is configured to receive Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar meetings.


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I’m using Outlook with Windows This just started happening with the latest update. Whenever I click a hyperlink in any email I see the following message:. It occurs with all links, not just from some specific sender. This is a standalone PC at my home, not on a business network. And unfortunately I am the help desk and I’m clueless. There is a fix on YouTube which I followed but I still have the same issue. Was this reply helpful? Yes No. Sorry this didn’t help. Thanks for your feedback.

Thank you for your reply. When I type a hyperlink into Word and click on it, I get the same message;. I am able to right-click on a link in an email and copy it into my browser and open it that way.

Choose where you want to search below Search Search the Community. Whenever I click a hyperlink in any email I see the following message: It occurs with all links, not just from some specific sender. There is a fix on YouTube. This thread is locked. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread.

I have the same question Report abuse. Details required :. Cancel Submit. Hello Relztrah, Thank you for posting in the forum. I am an independent advisor and I will try to help you, solving the issue. Does it only happen in Outlook? Can you try to test it from Word? Can you save an email locally and try to open the link again?

Does it open, after you right click on the hyperlink and paste the address in a web browser? Where is your mailbox hosted and did you try creating a new Outlook profile? Regards, Manuela. How satisfied are you with this reply? Thanks for your feedback, it helps us improve the site. In reply to manuela. Manuela, Thank you for your reply. When I save an email to my desktop and click a link, nothing happens. I don’t know where my mailbox is hosted.

How do I find that out? Thank you again for your help. In reply to Relztrah’s post on June 14, Did you put in something where it asks the name of your organization? This site in other languages x.


Microsoft outlook 2016 your organizations policies are preventing us from completing this action fre –

It seems that Microsoft stop testing of their updates “Use advanced RemoteFX graphics for RemoteApp” in group policies like suggested Microsoft has recently unveiled Autopilot, a new and emerging solution designed TITLE: Outlook が ADAL を使用しない場合は、Exchange


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flv file. setOutputCol “transformed”. Ensure at a minimum that these certificates are published via a GPO prior to implementing the CertPurge applicationscript. Apply Localized Formatting to Numerical Fields. Si deseamos crear listas de direcciones “AddressList” que contengan usuarios especificos podemos hacerlo utilizando el cmdlet New-AddressList y aplicando el filtro para que la misma contenga los usuarios deseados como se muestra a continuacion: En este ejemplo vamos a crear una lista de usuarios cuyo departamento sea IT: 1- Validamos a traves de una consulta que los usuarios listados son los que deseamos aparezcan en la lista de direcciones. Implement Advanced Authentication for iOS Users of Custom Domains.