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Adobe acrobat 9 pro extended user guide free download. Editing a PDF in Acrobat 9 Pro Extended

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Table Of Contents. Quick Links Download this manual. From the Library of Daniel Dadian. Table of Contents. Previous Page. Next Page. Baker From the Library of Daniel Dadian Page 5 Acknowledgments Thanks to the folks at Adobe.

Thanks to the folks at Peachpit, especially my diligent editor, Valerie Witte, and the all-seeing, all-knowing Becky Morgan. Page 10 Working with 3D Content Page 11 Tracking Changes Adobe Acrobat, however, is unique in that it has many functional areas utilized by a diverse range of users. A print designer uses Acrobat to display page proofs and run preflight checks; Page 14 Navigation pane No Pane? No Problem Menu items Task buttons If you open multiple docu- ments in Acrobat, each Toolbars opens in its own program window.

Move your pointer Acrobat 9 has no ability to Figure 3b Select tools to display and hide in the More Tools dialog. You can define a number of preferences that help you get to work faster.

More and More Some preferences get you into the program faster; others show you what Windows you are working with more quickly. Your files are automatically evaluated and tested. Deselecting the smoothing may save some time in displaying your documents, although you sacrifice some of the clarity and crispness of the content for display speed.

Take care when clearing the The Organizer opens in a separate window and displays three panes History. Right-click Use collections to organize Control-click an existing collection to add or delete files.

Acrobat 9 offers different methods to search, including through the Find toolbar or using the Search window. Here are some hints for using Use the Find toolbar to quickly search an open document. Page 25 4. Click Search. When the search is finished, the results and their loca- Save Searching Time tions appear by filename in the Results area of the Search window Using Preferences Figure 6c. Page Searching For Specifics Searching for Specifics You can fine-tune a search using the Advanced Search options, or search Searching in the for content such as keywords or metadata.

Click the Use Advanced Search Neighborhood Options link at the bottom of the basic Search window to display addi- tional searching parameters. Page 27 Click the Search button to search the document properties for the files Develop a System in the selected folder. Acrobat returns results that contain all additional search criteria only.

You can remove criteria by clicking the green check If you are working with hun- mark to deselect it. Once your files are collected in a single location, follow these steps: You need to rerun the Cata- log process if you make 1. Page 29 3. Click Options to display ways to either add or remove content from the index in the Options dialog Figure 8b. Page 30 To see your index in action, follow these steps: 1. Choose Select Index from the Look in pop-up menu.

The Index selec- tion dialog opens. Page 34 6. Naming Click OK to dismiss the secondary dialog and return to the Print dialog. Get into the habit of setting Using the default PDFMaker settings, a Save As dialog opens displaying the same name as your Word docu- ment; change the filename and location if necessary and then click Save to close the dialog and convert the file.

Page 39 PDF book- 1. Be sure your source data and the merge document containing the merge fields are ready first Figure 11a. Page 41 Once the documents are ready and you have tested the merge, follow these steps: 1. Choose the settings for the mail merge to PDF process, Figure 11b and choose e-mail settings if desired.

The Settings tab includes the options Read about text notes and other types of If you want your slides to be comments in Chapter Page Adding Specialized Media Content 1.

Display the page or slide where you want to embed the movie. Video movie is used in the PDF file: 2. Page 47 Current Frame. If the Page 50 and then click to select all the items you want to convert Figure 15b.

Browsers Behaving Each item you click is framed in blue; the active area under the tool is Badly outlined with a red hatched box.

Name the file, files and click Open. Page 52 OK to close the dialog and PDFMaker will process the files like to take the time to con- vert the files first. Choose according to your schedule. You can locate the contents of the archive based on folder location for the source file, sender, date, subject, Some organizations such as and whether there are file attachments.

In addition to the files you may have handy on your hard drive, Acrobat converts content from other sources, including scan- ners, Web pages, your system clipboard—or starts from a blank page. The dialog shows a list of head- Consider a Few ings for each joboptions file.

Select a conversion option, such as Standard, Page 57 content. Compressed information is viewable only in Acrobat 6 and newer; leaving the The General tab includes an option for selecting a specific option set to Off allows structure and tagging information to be usable range of pages. Name the file and dards before creating the click Save. The custom conversion settings file is saved with the extension PDF document. Page Watching Folders Via Distiller Add a folder you want to use as a watched folder to your hard drive.

Which Is More Secure? Modify the default range of conversion settings if desired and click OK. The file is saved to the individual folder as folder. Page 62 3. If you have a font you use for all your business com- munications, for example, Page 66 As you scroll through the document, notice that both a header and Adding On footer are added to the pages Figure 21b. Not only can you scan directly into Acrobat 9, but you can also specify the The Art of Scanning type of scan you want, as well as adjust the settings for a better scan.

Page 68 3. Content you select and copy or cut from a document is placed Photoshop Layers on the clipboard, and you can then paste it into another location or another document.

The attachment icon displays where you clicked earlier, and if you move the pointer over the icon, you can see information about the attachment in the form of a tooltip as well as in the Attachments pane Figure 24b. Figure 24b Move the pointer over the icon to see information about the attachment, or read basic information about the item in the Attachments pane. Select the attachment and either click Save on the Attach- play attachments.

Or maybe you need to pull together material for a presentation to a potential customer? An Acrobat portfolio may fit the bill perfectly. Page Pdf Portfolio Building pDf portfolio Building Acrobat 9 offers two methods for combining multiple files.

One of the layout choices You can customize the appearance of a portfolio by configuring the offers an image background. Page 80 Select a color scheme. Click an item such as Background Color or Primary Text Color to open a color picker that lets you choose a custom You can customize the color Figure 26b.

Page Branding A Pdf Portfolio Branding a pDf portfolio A PDF portfolio offers numerous ways in which to customize the display in accordance with your corporate or business requirements. You can construct a welcome page using different types of content, and insert a header that offers different text and image options. If branding is vital, use both a welcome page as the initial introduction and a header to maintain your identity as the user navigates through the portfolio.

When you input text, the Text toolbar—which lets you specify font size, color, alignment, and background color—displays. If you want to use different font styles, such as the underline shown in Figure 27a, select the text on the text frame first. Page Organizing And Modifying Contents organizing and Modifying Contents One important feature of Portfolio is the ability to arrange the files in logi- Add Your cal and meaningful ways.

You can coordinate the portfolio files using a Own Columns folder system, organize and sort the file details, and view an individual file to manage its content. Page 85 Acrobat Portfolio lets you manage existing information about each Make Your component of the portfolio and add custom data.

Page 89 2. Review the returns shown in the Search Results dialog Figure If you are in Details mode, the file is highlighted in the list; Page Finding Information About Your Document finding information about Your Document There is a lot more to a document than what you see on the screen or printed page. Having this information at hand can be a real Viewing Experience— time-saver.