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This weekend I took the plunge and sought out the newest version of Audirvana , my preferred, nay, favorite audio playback software. I like my signals unadulterated by my signal path. My other major use is streaming to my Hifiberry equipped Raspberry Pis running Volumio.

I have two in the house, and Audirvana is a great solution for sending my playlists and library content to them, without having to use the less capable interface Volumio provides. Installation of the update went smoothly enough. I entered my registration key on the website and was given the new version.

This immediately gave me pause, but what the hell, I figured, and clicked OK to start the process. As usual, Exclusive mode and Integer mode are there so your music gets the whole device. I leave those off. Light Mode is almost pure white and probably not what you want in a dark listening room at night. Probably my favorite new addition is the inclusion of a mini window. If you shrink past a certain size, some of the buttons and text can get pushed outside the boundaries, though not always!

The Library view is probably the most jarring change in the app. Gone is the familiar multi-columned browser with drop downs for narrowing your music selection to evermore specific criteria. We have Album and Artists groupings now with nice visuals for both of them. The Tracks grouping shows every track in the library in a rather large list. You can select Genre or Artist or a number of other criteria to choose from.

If I select more than 2 genres at a time it clears one of the other options. The ability to save Filter layouts would also be helpful. In theory, you should be able to save them as Smart Playlists, but those have been changed again as well.

After the update both of my Recent Additions playlists were empty and I had to recreate them. The language for the selection criteria in the Smart Playlist editor is a bit … confusing. Between could have a date range picker. Dates are hard, I get that, but this is another step back in functionality and clarity from the previous version. None of this is really unexpected with a completely new UI.

Bringing this fantastic player to Windows is huge enough, but adding a new UI to Mac OS is a daunting challenge. But after all is said and done, this is still a fantastic sounding music player. Playback is smooth and uninterrupted no matter what you throw at it.

Yes, that includes Windows users for the first time. Leave a reply in the comments. Happy listening! Curious about this one, but it all depends on how quick and slick the search feature works to narrow down search results. It also plays 5. It has stood the test of times under daily use. Thanks for your review Rob. I want to try this out, but still keep my music in iTunes, but make a copy to Audirvana.

How can I go about this. I see nothing on their webpage about this and I read it all. So much of this is confusing to me, but I am reading and trying to learn. No, that was poorly worded. No files were changed, moved or altered in the process, and iTunes remains in control of the library. I was able to maintain iTunes as the source of truth, importing and tagging files, and Audirvana just picks up the changes.

Trying it out is easy and non-destructive. Skip to content by Rob Campbell. But will I love 3. Please note that this is a non destructive process and in no way affects the iTunes library, your song files or their location on disk. It merely builds a database for Audirvana to use.

Thanks for mentioning that in the comments, Ella! the Audirvana mini window. The filters UI. The smart playlist editor. Share this: Reddit Twitter Pocket More Email LinkedIn. Previous post. Next post. Hi Ella, No, that was poorly worded. Thanks for pointing that out! click the shuffle icon in the playback controls? Put your words in the talk hole! Cancel reply.



Audirvana3.5設定無料. Audirvana3.5 アルバムアートワークが表示されないのは

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