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Duke Nukem 3D Atomic Edition DRM-Free Download – PC Game – Full GOG Version Title: Duke Nukem 3D Atomic Edition Genre(s): Shooter – FPP – Sci-fi Works on. Buy full version game. You can download the full version of Duke Nukem 3D from the download store listed below. Game title, Store.

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Duke Nukem 3D Atomic Edition DRM-Free Download – PC Game – Full GOG Version Title: Duke Nukem 3D Atomic Edition Genre(s): Shooter – FPP – Sci-fi Works on. Buy full version game. You can download the full version of Duke Nukem 3D from the download store listed below. Game title, Store.


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Overview An alien invasion has begun on Earth. The aliens are turning police officers into Pig Cops , abducting women and impregnating them with alien fetal spawn, and generally causing massive death and destruction across a variety of locations. As Duke Nukem , players will make use of a variety of unique weapons, such as the Devastator , Shrink-ray or Freezethrower , all in the name of saving Earth’s women and busting alien skulls. For the first time in the series, the franchise was taken to a first-person perspective and took the big rival franchise of Doom head-on.

The gaming market was filled with first-person shooters at the time of release, but Duke Nukem 3D’s unique mix of setting, attitude, and sense of humor made the game into an instant hit. Duke Nukem 3D was a technical step forward for the first-person shooter genre at the time of release.

The player was able to crouch, jump, and look up and down, which allows for more interesting level design and enemy placements than was previously seen in other games in the genre. To complete a level, the player must find the exit marker, which is depicted as a nuclear symbol, and press it. To reach the exit, the player must often search the level for key cards and open their corresponding doors. Unlike many other games in the genre at the time of release, the levels of Duke Nukem 3D took place in relate-able and recognizable real-world locations such as movie theaters, streets, Chinese restaurants, and even strip clubs.

Another aspect of the level design that made Duke Nukem 3D stand out from other games in the genre at the time of release, was the unseen high amount of interactivity the player had with the game-world.

Duke Nukem frequently spouts one-liners ; the majority of which are lifted directly from various movies with heavy cult followings like Big Trouble in Little China , Army of Darkness , They Live , and others.

Duke Nukem 3D contains a big roster of enemies ranging from simple sharks to huge missile-firing Assault Commanders. The enemies all have different characteristics and attributes, which allowed the designers to create interesting combinations to challenge the player. To overcome the enemies, the player had a wide range of very different and unique weapons at his disposal. Besides the traditional firearms such as a pistol and a shotgun , Duke Nukem 3D includes many innovative weapons such as the shrink ray, pipe bombs and the freezethrower.

To further aid the player in their victory, the game includes various different useable items such as first aid kit , scuba gear , body armor; and more unconventional items such as Holoduke , steroids , and a jetpack.

The Holoduke allows the player to place a copy of themself in the world for a limited time to confuse enemies, the Steroids allow the player to move faster for a limited time, and the jetpack enables the player to fly within the boundaries of the levels. The game’s multiplayer can take place on the levels from the game’s single-player as well as some included multiplayer-only levels. The included editor also allows the players to play on their own created levels.

Duke Nukem 3D shipped with two modes of multiplayer, and a third was added in the Plutonium Pak. When a game is in progress it is possible to communicate with the other players by typing chat messages.

It is additionally possible to taunt the other players by making use of the game’s 12 pre-recorded Duke Nukem one-liners.

The Build Engine allowed for rooms to be built directly above another, sloped surfaces, and even moving geometry. The player is able to interact with the environment in revolutionary ways, causing buildings to collapse, blasting holes in walls, riding moving tramways, as well as other ways to interact with the environment. The source code for Duke Nukem 3D v1.

As of , the game supports online multiplayer and several 3D engines exist which allow the game to be enjoyed by fans with newer, higher quality graphics – the most popular being EDuke To further enhance the visual quality of the game, a community project is creating high-resolution textures and 3D models for the game.

The enemies are shown as 2D sprites in-game due to the limitation of the Build Engine, which mean they appear as flat and paper-like. In the Nintendo 64 version, the last boss the Cycloid Emperor was remade as a fully 3D polygonal model. The enemies are listed in order of appearance. The standard enemies populate the levels of Duke Nukem 3D.

Six enemies are introduced in the game’s first episode, five in the second, one in the third, and two in the fourth. One of the weakest and most common enemies in the game. The assault troopers often appear in groups and have the ability to use a jet-pack to attack the player from different altitudes, but their low amount of HP prevents them from becoming a serious threat to the player; a single shotgun blast, or a few pistol rounds, is enough to kill it.

Despite using alien laser guns for their attacks, they may drop Pistol ammo upon death for the player to pick up. An upgraded version of the assault trooper. They have the same amount of HP as the Assault Trooper, but instead of having the ability to use a jet-pack, they can teleport.

Upon using the teleportation skill, the Assault Captain will disappear for a few seconds, only to appear again – usually behind the player if possible. Just like the assault troopers, the assault captains may drop pistol ammo upon death despite using alien laser guns for their attacks. The pig cop is, together with the assault trooper and the assault captain, one of the most commonly encountered enemies in the game. They are depicted as pig-mutated members of the police force. They are armed with shotguns which makes them a serious threat for the player at close quarters.

They are twice as tough as the assault trooper and captain, and require two shotgun blasts to kill. May drop a shotgun or a used body armor upon death. The damage of this rarely-encountered enemy is low, but they’re often placed in hard-to-reach spots, which makes them dangerous to an unaware player. Due to their small size, they are hard to hit with conventional firearms without getting too close. The players best bet is to use explosive weaponry. Although encountered in one of the first levels of Duke Nukem 3D, this enemy is one of the rarest in the game.

Their damage is the same as a turret, but they are much tougher and can take a high amount of damage before the vehicle crashes to the ground. From the exploding wreckage, a pig cop pilot will emerge and continue to attack the player just like a regular pig cop.

These eight-brained monsters will attack the player by shooting plasma matter towards the player. They will even bite the player if he gets too close. Their plasma attack travels slowly through the air and are easy for the player to dodge. The octabrains have no legs and are floating slowly though the air instead. Their head is covered with thick skin and are one of the toughest standard enemies in the game in terms of amount of hit points.

This enemy type is first encountered in the game’s second episode, “Lunar Apocalypse”. Assault enforcers are agile lizard-like aliens that are able to jump, which make them able to traverse ledges. They use a chaingun as their primary form of attack and will occasionally spit acid at the player, which will both deals damage and obscures the vision for a short amount of time. The assault enforcers are about as tough as the pig cops and may drop ammunition for the ripper chaingun , or even the weapon itself, upon death.

This enemy type is a slow-moving aerial bomb. Once they sense the player is in proximity, they will emit a distinctive sound and head right towards him. When the sentry drone reaches the player, it will self-destruct and deal a high amount of damage.

The sentry drones should therefore be a target of high priority for the player in any given battle. The sentry drones are quite tough and can take a lot of damage before exploding. Whenever a sentry drone is hit by the player, they will slow down noticeable which allows for the player to keep them at bay. The protozoid eggs aren’t a threat to the player until they hatch.

They usually hatch when the player comes within a certain range of them and unleash a protozoid slimer. The slimers are slow-moving, but they are able to crawl on ceilings as well as the floor and are able to quickly transition from one surface to the other.

When they reach the player, they will block the screen and attacking with a low-damage bite. The slimers are very weak and die instantly from any damage source, and they often appear in high numbers.

The Assault Commander is one of the toughest types of enemies in the game. It has a high amount of HP and he fires missiles towards the player as his primary attack.

The missiles are somewhat slow-moving, but they deal a high amount of damage in a large radius on impact. If the player moves into melee distance of an Assault Commander, it will start spinning its blade-equipped platform and damaging the player. Assault Commanders are an aerial enemy and can follow the player anywhere.

Once the Assault Commander has spotted the player, it can be heard making grunt noises and the occasional taunt ” Suck it down! The only enemy in the game from Earth. Sharks are rarely encountered throughout the game, as they can only appear in pools of water. Their only attack is a melee attack and even in water they are very slow-moving.

Sharks have a low amount of hit points, which makes them one of the easiest enemies to kill in Duke Nukem 3D. The toughest standard enemy the player will encounter in the entire game. Protector drones have a high amount of hit points, are fast-moving, and deals a lot of damage. They primarily use their melee attack, but occasionally they will shoot a Shrink-ray projectile towards the player.

This projectile has the same effect as the shrink ray weapon the player possesses, which mean the player will become shrunk if he gets hit by the projectile.

Should this happen, every enemy in will attempt to step on and squish the player, which results in an instant death. As protector drones were added to Duke Nukem 3D in the Plutonium Pak, they only appear in the fourth episode. A pig cop driving a single-seated riot tank. Just like the recon patrol vehicle, a pig cop will appear and fight on when the vehicle gets destroyed.

The pig cop tank are slow-moving, slow-turning, deals a moderate amount of damage, and have a very high amount of hit points. They do, however, have a weak spot on their back.

This, combined with their slow turning speed, allows the player to circle around them and attack them from behind. As pig cop tanks were added to Duke Nukem 3D in the Plutonium Pak, they only appear in the fourth episode. At the end of each episode, the player will have to fight a boss-type enemy.

These boss fights often take place in arena-like surroundings with lots of weaponry and ammunition for the player to pick up. The Battlelord is first seen at the end of episode 1 and his death marks the end of said episode.

He is wielding a huge chaingun with an attached grenade launcher, which makes him very dangerous to the player. Being a boss-type enemy, the Battlelord has a very high amount of hit points. This, combined with the high damage output, forces the player into a battle of resources, where he continuously have to collect health items and ammunition to ensure the boss drops dead before the player himself.