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Get all the inside info, cheats, hacks, codes, walkthroughs for Dragon Ball GT: Final Bout on GameSpot. Dragon Ball GT: Final Bout (USA) PSX ISO Download. Game ID: SLUS Relevant FAQ entries: How to play this game with ePSXe emulator on PC. Download Dragonball GT – Final Bout ISO ROM for PSX to play on your pc, mac, android or iOS mobile device.

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While using Pan in any game mode, hold down and press square. Pan will then shoot a fireball that disappears right infront of her. If you do this while also doing Pan’s down forward square combo, the fireball will stay there and continuosly deal damage to the enemy you are using the combo on a similar effect happens rarely with Vegeta and Cells dash combos, but its just a yellow dashing mark that stays, and it deals no damage.

NOTE: This MAY require a few trys in order for the ball to stay while you do the down forward square combo, but I do suggest holding down, and then as soon as you press square slide your thumb from down to towards your opponent and press square again almost as if its all one move.

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Zombie Tsunami. Stickman Hook. Unlike Ultimate Battle 22 , this version of the mode allows to build the characters’ strength to triple digit levels, and comes with an experience chart in the character’s profile.

Like Ultimate Battle 22 , players have the opportunity to battle their friends with their character in the option called Build Up Battle. The only unplayable character is Baby Vegeta in his Oozaru form, serving as the game’s final boss. The original Japanese release of the game was unique for its naming conventions for all the characters.

Bandai kept Final Bout under wraps for most of its development. The composition was done once again by Kenji Yamamoto. Out of all the pieces used in game, only five were new material, and the rest were remixed arrangements of previously used music from both and bit eras. All of these songs were performed by Hironobu Kageyama with Kuko providing backup vocals.

The Future Trunks theme arrangement “Hikari no Willpower” was featured as a hidden bonus track. It fared well enough in sales to be reissued under the PlayStation the Best for Family series a year later.

In , the game saw a release in the UK , along with other European countries that previously did not officially receive the game, though it had already seen widespread distribution through the grey market. Finally, under little fanfare, Atari reissued the game in with brand new artwork supplied by Toei Animation. When the game was released throughout North America, several changes were made for localization.

Dialog by the Japanese voice actors was replaced, but not by the then current voice cast at Ocean Group. Instead, Bandai America used an uncredited cast of U. Actors who had previously worked on productions for Saban and Bang Zoom!

However, the battle voices still consist of the Japanese voice cast, causing the character voices to clash. The game’s opening theme, “Biggest Fight”, was replaced with an untitled instrumental rock track. The cast credits at the end of the game, also set to “Biggest Fight”, were removed completely. The two closing songs “Kimi o Wasurenai” and “Thank You! At the title screen, the game’s sound test is available, whereas in the original Japanese players could only access it with a cheat code.

The Buildup data transfer option was removed due to the fact Ultimate Battle 22 had not been released at that time. When the game was reissued in , the game’s data was not altered in any way from its North American release by Bandai. The European version, like with most European Dragon Ball Z games from the bit and bit era, was released mostly unaltered from the Japanese version, featuring the original Japanese voice acting and the opening theme “Biggest Fight”.

The game text was only translated to French and other languages besides English because of the lack of official release in any English-speaking country. When the game was re-issued in Europe in which included a release for the first time in English-speaking countries like the UK , the game was kept the same as the previous European version except for the texts being re-translated to English.


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