Refund Policy

As per our refund policy when the experts have completed the work, you are aware and agreed of the rendered services. Post you're fully satisfied with the services only you're signing the legal digital Document Sign.

. Shivasi International Solutions will use commercially reasonable efforts to try to resolve the issue at no additional charge. If those efforts are unsuccessful, Shivasi International Solutions will refund the fees that I paid for the subscription Service and not refund the full amount.

In case of any correction, rectification or product change required you have 2 days to reach us, and resolution/updation will be provided with no extra cost.

We value your consideration and will use commercially reasonable efforts to resolve the issue. However, If you're still not satisfied with our services then partial amount will be refunded. Only if you contact us within the 2 days. Post discussion, that what is holding you back and what best we can do to provide services, from the day you had made the call. No money would be refunded if you don't approach us within the 2 days of service delivery.